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Supply Chain Execution with SAP for your success!

We advise and support you in the preparation, implementation and completion of operating projects in the field of SAP Digital Supply Chain for logistics.


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Our services

Competent support in achieving your goals

Besides pure SAP consulting, we always have different thought processes. No matter if it's about Industry 4.0 or Logistics 4.0, Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, or optimizing your supply chain. We are available with help and advice!

The topic of sustainability in logistics plays a decisive role for us. Only through high quality, a sustainable benefit can be achieved. We follow this principle when implementing your projects.

As a project partner, we support the idea for subsequent maintenance and further development. With our services, we cover the complete cycle of a (SAP) logistics project. With a wealth of experience in the areas of SAP TM, SAP EWM, SAP EM,  SAP GTT, and SAP PI, we create high-quality business blueprints

and detailed specification & design documents for required adjustments and enhancements as well as complete new launches and roll-outs. Our project teams support you in customizing and developing additional functionalities.

Planning and Conception

The sooner, the better

With good and extensive planning, many subsequent problems can be avoided. We will prepare a blueprint for you by discussing your requirements and, if necessary, make a proof of concept (PoC). Through proper conception and well cognitive planning, we ensure the quality of the finished product. Below, you will find an initial overview of the services we offer you.

  • Requirements analysis
  • Demo day
  • Scoping workshop
  • Business assessment
  • Creating the business blueprint
  • Proof of concept
  • Roadmap

We create sustainability with quality

The realization phase insists on being in constant contact with each other; therefore, the development corresponds to the requirements. We make sure that all your expectations are covered with the specification and design. We will create a template or a pilot implementation.

When the processes and system configuration settings are stable, we will help you to execute roll outs in one or more locations.

Below is a brief outline of what we can offer you at this stage.

  • Specification and design position
  • Template
  • Pilot implementation
  • Integration of different modules
  • Interface development
  • Test and trainings
  • Roll out

A perfect start

We train key users and experts where ever there are requirements, carry out various tests and subsequent optimization and adjustments, and ensure that you have an optimal start. We offer the following services:

  • Data migration
  • Expert sizing
  • Optimization
  • Expert reviews
  • Hyper care support
Passion for Sustainable Logistics

High Quality achieves sustainability

We like to think outside the box and deal with many current or future important innovative topics in logistics. These include Logistics 4.0, Blockchain in logistics or "Internet of Things", minimization of CO2 emissions, and optimization of freight costs through the mapping tool HERE. 

Sustainability in logistics has an exclusive significance for us. Sustainability can only be achieved through quality.  What is created and built with careful planning, dedication, accuracy and passion, can meet the demands of everyday life and not only today but also in the future. We find examples of this everywhere in our environment, in every object as well as architecture and urban planning. 

A vivid example is the so-called Blue Wonder in Dresden. The fifth bridge built over the Elbe was inaugurated in 1893 and still serves as an essential link between the Loschwitz and Blasewitz districts. This bridge was designed, planned, and implemented in the late 19th century. Although it was not initially intended for today's traffic, it has withstood all the challenges to date. This is how we understand our passion for sustainable logistics: solid and well-founded logistics solutions that enable our customers to master the challenges today and in the future! We want you to succeed!



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