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Master of Science in Global Logistics and SCM


Congratulations to our two colleagues who have successfully completed their Master of Science in Global Logistics and SCM!

"Right from my childhood, my parents inspired me with the saying, “Where there is a will, there is a way”. With their constant support and my dream to study in the hub of Logistics in Germany led me to do my masters in Logistics and supply chain management in Kühne Logistics University – KLU. Hailing from an entirely different culture and warm weather conditions, I found it quite difficult in the initial days to get accustomed to the German language, culture, food and climate. The international students in my university and my fellow mates in my hostel who came from varied backgrounds, exposed me not only to the German culture but also to different cultures around the world. With their help I got through the grey sky winters in Hamburg that we were brightened by the celebrations of Christmas and New Year. These two years of my living in Germany has given me the needed self-confidence and I am now optimistic of adapting well to the European culture. With these life learning experiences, here I stand with a thumbs-up with a graduation coat and hats flying high with my fellow classmates from various other countries – Don’t forget to spot Mr & Mrs. Kühne with us." - HemaPriya Venkateswaran.

"“I remember the first few days in Germany and all I wanted to do is go back home to the warm, everlasting summer and to home where there was no such thing as inconvenience, thanks to my parents. But this was also a good reminder of all those things I took for granted, when I was back home. I couldn’t do anything about it, except be grateful. I decided to continue this journey that I had decided to make; the journey that wouldn’t have been possible without the two of the most hard working people in my life, my parents. They have always inculcated, in me, the importance of a good education. Furthermore, studying at Kühne Logistics University – KLU and interacting with individuals from different cultural and professional background has helped shape my personality into accepting and believing that every individual has something to teach you. The cultural difference that once confused me, emboldened me to be more accepting and that made integrating easier as well as enjoyable. Finally when the day arrived, to graduate, I remembered the day I wanted to just run back home and was glad that I didn’t. I was then blessed with an opportunity to deliver the valedictory at the graduation ceremony and this was overwhelming, specially for someone who has had issues addressing a “crowd” of more than five people. I can say with no second thoughts, that KLU has helped me grow from an awkward girl to a confident woman that I am now. KLU has also helped me meet all the professors whose passion towards logistics and academia is contagious." - Krithi Eshan