SAP Transportation Management

Holistic optimization of transport processes

We help you map your transport logistics and thus offer the opportunity to improve your goods traffic, reduce transport costs and ensure the transparency of your supply chain.



Minimize transport costs through optimal transport management

SAP Transportation Management is a fully integrated transport management system, recognized as a global leader in Supply Chain Management. It offers you the opportunity to optimize goods traffic, reduce transport costs and ensure the transparency of your supply chain. Thanks to its versatile range of functions and its high level of flexibility, you can handle your individual material and goods transport efficiently, quickly and reliably. Transport processes are standardized as far as possible automated and consolidated, thus improving order processing, planning and billing, taking into account your individual requirements. Different sources of supply, costs or regulations.

It also gives the opportunity to plan your transport needs via the various transport routes in a centralized transport management system - whether as a shipper, freight forwarder or logistics service provider (LSP). This supports external task assignments (via Incoterm Codes / Incoterm locations) as well as internal partitions that map to your organizational structures. The enormous flexibility through extensive customizing options, conditions and BAdI (Business Add-In) implementations allows you to tailor your transport processes and manage them.


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