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We ensure that your SAP systems are seamlessly integrated into the process landscape and communicate smoothly internally and externally.



System integration is more than SAP 

SAP NetWeaver Process Integration had different aliases across different releases: XI for Exchange Infrastructure, PI for Process Integration, and nowadays PO for Process Orchestration. Common to all is that they fall under SAP PI, we know them and have experience in each of these releases. Our integration experts connect your systems with those of your customers and service providers so that your networking also reaches your business processes via the set and implemented integration processes. 

SAP and none-SAP systems are developed in a modular way and provide interfaces for communication with other systems, which either receive data or send data. From IT architectural principles, systems are independent in the definition of their interfaces, so a sending system usually does not provide the data in a format that the receiving system would need. In this case, we help to ensure that the formats are converted, that the data can be understood by the receiving system, and that the data input proceeds correctly. This will lead to cross-system processes and allow a smooth flow.


Convince yourself of our experience

We have already successfully implemented or optimized SAP PI in many industries.

In doing so, we have repeatedly expanded a wide variety of existing system landscapes so that the new SAP systems could be seamlessly integrated into the new process landscapes.

Due to the close cooperation with our SAP Supply Chain Execution Team, we can offer you extensive experience in the connection to SAP Transportation Management and SAP Extended Warehouse Management.

We also helped SAP set up its Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) processes for SAP PI which connects the SAP Transportation Management business processes to external systems.


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