Support for SAP NetWeaver versions 7.1x, 7.3x and 7.4x ended at the end of 2020

Support for the SAP NetWeaver releases 7.1x, 7.3x, and 7.4 ended at the end of 2020. What's important now?



Basis system integration is more than just SAP Basis

Our integration experts connect your systems with those of your customers and service providers so that your networking also reaches your business processes via the set and implemented integration processes. What about plug-and-play, you could ask and often will: SAP and non-SAP systems are developed in a modularized way and offer interfaces for communication with other systems that either receive data or send data.

Due to IT-architectural principles the systems are independent in defining their interfaces, so that a sending system usually does not provide the data in a format that the receiving system would need. In this case, we help to ensure that the formats are converted, that the data can be understood by the receiving system and that the underlying processing runs correctly when the data is received. In this way, your processes become cross-system and allow a smooth operation.


Support for SAP NetWeaver versions 7.1x, 7.3x and 7.4x discontinued by the end of 2020

Support for the SAP NetWeaver releases 7.1x, 7.3x, and 7.4 ended at the end of 2020 (see SAP-Note 1648480).

However, SAP NetWeaver 7.5 has recently been extended to 2027, with an option for extended maintenance to 2030, as well as release 7.5 of SAP Process Integration and SAP Process Orchestration. For the optimal use of your integration middleware, the SAP Integration Directory Migration Tool supports your own migration from SAP PI 7.3, 7.4 to SAP PO 7.5.

SAP Migration Tool

Move and convert PI content to the new SAP PO

SAP provides a migration tool that can move or convert the PI content to the new SAP PO. Elements that cannot be moved are the ccBPM processes (which are replaced by BPM in PO) and ABAP mappings, since you then no longer have an ABAP stack.

7 Reasons for Migration to Advanced Adapter Engine Extended (AEX) in SAP PO 7.5

PI 7.4 last dual stack PI version

PI 7.4 is the last dual-stack PI version - support ended on December 31, 2020. From version 7.5, the ABAP and Java stacks must be split. This requires 2 systems with their own SIDs (however, these can share the same server and DB; the systems are maintained individually, such as patches). For NW 7.5, support ends according to the current status on December 31, 2024

Integration objects

Integration objects such as communication channels of the Integration Engine (IE) can no longer be designed with JAVA and then reused with ABAP, but must be maintained on both

Better data throughput

Switching to the Java architecture means that you get a massive performance increase of about 30%. This increase is noticeable very quickly after the migration

B2B Add-On

Most SAP PO licenses already include the B2B add-on free of charge. This enables classic EDI message exchange using SAP B2B adapters. There is no need to use third-party solutions that are subject to a fee.

Using a single IDE

Integration objects can be developed and maintained with a single development environment (IDE) (SAP NetWeaver Development / Eclipse)

Advanced Adapter Engine Extended

The Advanced Adapter Engine Extended (AEX) provides the connectivity functions of the Advanced Adapter Engine (AAE) and various design and configuration tools (ES Repository and Integration Directory)

Integrated configuration

The maintenance of all previous integration objects such as sender and receiver agreement, receiver and interface determination takes place in one single object


Previously sold licenses for PI were moved to the old price list

With the new price list for PO all PI, BPM and BRM price list entries have been replaced. All previously sold licenses for PI (either volume-based or CPU-based) and BPM/BRM (CPU-based) have been moved to the old price list. The license for SAP Process Orchestration (PO) includes the use of the following components:

  • SAP-Prozess-Integration (PI)
  • SAP Business Process Management (BPM)
  • SAP Business Rules Management (BRM)
  • SAP-Processintegration, Business-to-Business-Add-on (B2B-Add-on)
  • SAP-Processintegration, Add-on Secure Connectivity
  • SAP-Processintegration, Konnektivitäts-Add-on
  • Runtime for Cloud Integration (For SAP Cloud Platform Integration that is delivered jointly)
  • Process-Integration-Test Tool (PIT)

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