SAP Event Management

Optimal overview and control of your individual processes

With SAP EM we achieve transparency along your supply chain and thus optimal tracking of your planned processes. This enables targeted reactions during operations.



Optimal process tracking with high flexibility

SAP Event Management is a highly flexible module for tracking your planned processes, which gives the opportunity to gain transparency along your supply chain. Its standard interfaces with SAP Transport Management and SAP ERP allows you to tailor individual processes to track and monitor them through internal and external reporting.

Process disturbances can be detected early and can be acknowledged precisely before serious consequences arise.

Predefined interfaces and processes in the SAP EM standard can be customized flexibly at any time using your own function blocks. The standard weaving surface is individually adjusted by customizing done by us for your users. For example, if you want to integrate it into an internal homepage or your own portal, you will always have an overview.

The standard interfaces in Event Management offer you an easy way to transfer data to SAP BI to create further report data and analyzes.


The cloud solution for track and trace

SAP Global Track and Trace is the cloud-based SAP solution for track and trace in your supply chain. Build on the SAP Cloud Platform, it is the next logical step in supporting networked logistics.

We discuss and arrange the application processes for you so that your employees or those of your service providers and customers can use Fiori Apps to do their work more efficiently. Particularly in real-time reporting and tracking, apps that are available everywhere are not a underestimated profit. We help you to bring transparency into your logistics process


Persuade yourself with our experience

SAP Event Management has already been successfully introduced or optimized by us in many industries.

Among other things, we implemented a complete consignment tracking with a focus on B2C for a customer in the retail industry.

Close cooperation with our SAP Transportation Management Team also provides us with extensive experience in connecting to SAP Transportation Management, including automotive, oil, and shipping and logistics services industries.


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