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Success Story

SAP Event Management in Transportation & Logistics

Monitor and manage events with SAP EM

SAP Digital Supply Chain Solutions

Project Scope

Monitor and manage events across distributed processes
                         involving SAP TM Trip Plan and SAP Transportation Resource Planning.

SAP Solutions:

- SAP Event Management 9.2

- SAP Transportation Management, Network and Operations for
                           Container Shipping Liners 1.0 SP02

- SAP Transportation Resource Planning 3.0

Key Figures

~500.000 events per day

~10.000 FWOs per day

~3.000.000 active resources (container)

Achieved Benefits

  • Management by exception
  • Traceability of all trip plans and container resources
  • Process automation such as stock updates due to expected or non expected events

Execution & Monitoring

Integrated with SAP TM Trip Plan*

  • Milestones recorded by Event Management and automatic updates in Transportation Units and Freight Bookings (standard and custom status)
  • Capture of loading, pickup, delivery, arrival and departure events
  • Integration with legacy system to receive all container shipping related events End-to-end order tracking & visibility through EM UI & embedded in client portal
  • Integration with SAP TRP solution to provide updates for container stocks and positions



Integrated with SAP Transportation Resource Planning

  • Tracking of complete resource lifecycle
  • Updating SAP TRP container stock and positions with events
  • Integration with legacy system to receive all container shipping related events


*Trip Plan is the functionality available with the SAP Transportation Management, network and operations for container shipping liners application, an SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM) add-on that supports all network and operations’ processes for container shipping liners.


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