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Supply Chain Execution Platform

SAP Transportation Management (TM)
SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM)
SAP Event Management (EM)
SAP Process Integration (PI)
SAP Transportation Management is the transport and logistics solution of SAP and part of the new SAP Supply Chain Execution Platform (SCE). SAP TM provides seamless integration to the SAP Business suite as well as to none-SAP systems.
With its flexibility and comprehensive functionality SAP TM is robust and adaptable to many business scenarios, thereby, serving logistics service providers (LSPs), shippers and carriers at the same time.
In the following you will find an overview to core functionality of SAP TM and services we are offering.

logventus offers comprehensive services for the complete lifecycle of an SAP Transportation Management project including integration with SAP Event Management and SAP Extended Warehouse Management.

Project Lifecycle

  • Software Selection
  • Business Requirement Analysis
  • TM Demo Day
  • Scoping Workshop
  • Business Assessment
  • Proof of Concept
  • Business Blueprint
  • Specification & Design Document
  • Template
  • Pilot Implementation
  • Roll Out
  • SAP EM/SAP EWM Integration
  • Expert Sizing
  • Testing and Training
  • Optimization
  • Expert Reviews

For an implementation of SAP TM, logventus is the partner of choice for your project. Based on the deep expertise of SAP TM and different business processes our experts deliver high quality Business Blueprint and detailed Specification & Design Documents for necessary enhancements and AddOn development. Our project teams deliver the realization in configuration and also developments for missing functionality.

Nevertheless, if the project is a Template, a Pilot Implementation or a Roll Out for SAP TM, logventus has experienced consultants to make your implementation successful.

Especially for SAP TM/SAP EWM customers we offer Integration Expertise that ensures the smooth fitting of the their inter- and intra-system communication to their business process with reduced implementation time and cost.

In addition to classical implementation services we offer support when it comes to Expert Sizing, Testing and Training, Optimization of existing implementations and Expert Reviews.

Capacity & Demand Planning

  • Carrier Schedule Management
  • Charge, Rate and Service Level Management
  • Capacity Management
  • Pre-Bookings
  • Transportation Requirement Management

Freight Planning & Tendering

  • Manual/Automated Planning & Dispatching
  • Security for Air & Ocean
  • Routeing, Resources & Carrier Selection
  • Order Tendering

Order & Booking Management

  • Freight/Forwarding Order & Booking Management
  • Dangerous Goods Management
  • Trade Regulation Compliance (via GTS)
  • Cargo Management

Freight Execution & Monitoring

  • SAP EWM Integration for Warehouse Execution
  • Execution Monitoring & Event Tracking
  • Discrepancy Handling
  • Transportation Print Documents

Freight Settlement

  • Transportation Charge Calculation
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Freight/Forwarding Order & Booking Settlement
Managing the carbon footprint of products across the supply chain has become a major topic for most companies. The transportation sector is the second largest source of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions with road transport making up almost 75% of these emissions.

Companies need to be aware of their impact on CO2 emissions. In fact, transportation companies in France are required by law (article L. 1431-3) to calculate and report their CO2 emissions for all transportation services departing from and/or arriving in France.

Other legal requirements, such as those of DIN EN 16258, which serve as a European guideline for CO2 determination, are not yet mandatory.
Typically, CO2 emissions are tracked and calculated using third party systems or web services outside of a company's transportation management system. This requires additional interfaces to those applications as well as additional license fees for the calculation services.

logventus GmbH offers a consulting solution that calculates CO2 emissions using SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM) in accordance with legal requirements and makes this information available, e.g. for quotations and customer invoices.

According to article L.1431-3, the WTW (Well-to-Wheel) ex-ante CO2 emissions are calculated on stage level and aggregated to be displayed on the forwarding order. After including optimization, the planning process starts and the WTW ex-post CO2 emission information is calculated on freight order stage level and reported on the forwarding order and available for the customer invoice.

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