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Supply Chain Execution Platform

SAP Transportation Management (TM)
SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM)
SAP Event Management (EM)
SAP Process Integration (PI)
SAP Extended Warehouse Management is the strategic Warehouse Management solution of SAP and part of the new SAP Supply Chain Execution Platform (SCE). SAP EWM provides a seamless integration into the SAP Business suite.
With its comprehensive functionality and supporting processes SAP EWM covers the majority of requirements for warehouse management systems and thereby minimizes the needs for additional developments in a project.
In the following you will find an overview to core functionality of SAP EWM and services we are offering.

logventus offers comprehensive services in the area of SAP Extended Warehouse Management. We cover the complete lifecycle of an SAP EWM implementation project.

Project Lifecycle

  • Software Selection
  • Business Requirement Analysis
  • EWM Demo Day
  • Scoping Workshop
  • Business Assessment
  • Proof of Concept
  • SCE Sandbox on Demand
  • Business Blueprint
  • Specification & Design Document
  • Template
  • Pilot Implementation
  • Roll Out
  • WM- EWM Migration Service
  • Expert Sizing
  • Testing and Training
  • Optimization
  • Expert Reviews

For an implementation of SAP EWM, we are the right partner for your project. Based on the deep expertise of SAP EWM and warehouse processes our experts deliver a high quality Business Blueprint, detailed Specification & Design Documents for necessary AddOn development. Our project teams deliver the realization in customizing and also developments for missing functionality.

Nevertheless, if the project is a Template, a Pilot Implementation or a Roll Out for SAP EWM, logventus has experienced consultants to make your implementation successful.

Especially for ERP-WM customers we offer a WM-EWM Migration Service that can boost your EWM implementation and reduce implementation time and cost.

In addition to classical implementation services we offer support when it comes to Expert Sizing, Testing and Training, Optimization of existing implementations and Expert Reviews.

Inventory Management and Warehouse Structure

  • Stock transparency on bin-level and resources
  • Batch and serial number management
  • Handling Unit Management
  • Mapping of complex warehouse structures, including workstations, conveyor belts etc.

Outbound Process

  • Support of different Goods Issue Scenarios
  • Wave Management
  • Production Supply
  • Cartonization Planning
  • Support of different picking strategies
  • Retrieval strategies
  • Packing
  • Staging
  • Loading

Cross Processes

  • Resource management
  • Radio Frequency Framework for the connection of mobile devices
  • Pick-By-Voice Integration
  • Labor Management
  • Support of Value Added Services
  • Extensive monitoring and reporting functionalities with SAP BW Integration

Inbound Process

  • Support of different receiving scenarios
  • Yard Management
  • Unloading
  • Planned and Opportunistic Cross Docking
  • Deconsolidation
  • Putaway Strategies
  • Quality Inspection

Internal Warehouse Processes

  • Support of different replenishment strategies
  • Warehouse optimization based on slotting and rearrangement
  • Support of different types of inventory counting

Material Flow System within SAP EWM

EWM comes with an embedded material flow system, EWM-MFS. It is a fully integrated component in SAP EWM and enables SAP EWM to connect directly to the PLCs. Therefore no external material flow system is required to manage the warehouse automation, this software layer can be replaced by SAP Standard EWM functionality. The EWM-MFS covers features such as:

  • Mapping of conveyor lines and reporting points
  • Installation and simulation of a material flow system
  • Mapping of conveyer lines based on layout-oriented storage control
  • Definition of resources and resource types
  • Exception Handling
  • Monitoring of the material flow system
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